General terms and conditions

Guided tour

These are the general terms and conditions applying to every visitor or group visiting Liefmans brewery. Please read these thoroughly, so that our organization can ensure that you and your companions enjoy an unforgettable experience.


1. A reservation for a guided tour at Liefmans is possible for 15 people or more. If a group of 15 people has already registered for your chosen moment, you can also join this group individually. From that moment there is a maximum of 20 available places, which can be booked individually. Should you desire a French or English speaking guide, this is possible as from 13 people. The same applies: if there is already a group of 13 who has reserved, you can join this group individually.

2. After booking your visit online, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your booking by mail (incl. booking number). Upon paying for your reservation (which must be done no later than 14 calendar days before the date of your booking), you will also receive an automatic payment confirmation. Print off this reservation mail: use this form as your entrance ticket.

3. The payment must be settled no later than 14 calendar days before your visit, otherwise your reservation will be canceled automatically. If your payment does not reach us 14 calendar days before the planned visit, you will receive a mail confirming its cancellation.

4. Bear in mind that it is only possible to refund the cost of your visit in the event of cancellation up to 14 calendar days before the planned date of your visit. An administration cost of €10 will be deducted from the total refund. Cancellations can only be made by sending a mail to [email protected] with subject heading “cancellation Liefmans + booking number”.

5. Should you cancel the visit less than 14 calendar days before the day of the planned visit, we will be unable to make a refund under any circumstances. Similarly, payments made by people who do not show up will not be refunded. For safety reasons, the beverages intended for those who have not shown up will not be served to other members of the group.

6. Should you require an invoice of your reservation, this is possible by paying an additional fee of €5 per reservation. Please tick the box confirming that you would like an invoice and provide the correct invoice details and payment method (WITH invoice) when making your booking. The invoice will be dispatched at the end of the month, after your guided tour. Attention: if you fail to tick the box indicating that you would like an invoice and/or do not provide the invoicing details, you will neither receive an invoice nor be entitled to recover your fee of €5.

7. Please respect the maximum number of visitors. For safety reasons, we cannot allow more than 35 visitors per guide. The only exceptions to this are the tour leader and bus driver (max. 2 people in total).

8. For organizational reasons, it is not possible to plan visits at times other than those indicated on our website. We therefore ask you to respect the indicated visit times (10 am, 2 pm and 5 pm).

9. When you arrive, please don't forget to tell us whether there are any minors in your group. After all, it is against the law to serve beer to those under 16. In this case we can provide a non-alcoholic drink.

10. In the event of an organized bus tour, the bus driver and tour guide will be allowed free entry to the brewery: therefore there is no need for them to be registered online. This concerns a maximum of 2 people.

11. Children up to and including the age of 11 may visit the brewery for free and also do not need to be registered online.

Brewery visit

12. Be sure to arrive on time. Should you arrive 20 minutes after the agreed time, the tour can still be adapted. However, if you arrive any later than this, it will sadly no longer to possible to provide a tour, only a beverage. The entrance gate will be opened for visitors 15 minutes before the time of the visit.

13. People who are clearly under the influence – of alcohol, narcotics, other hallucinogenic drugs, or similar substances – will be refused access to the brewery, along with anyone else who does not agree to follow our house rules. Being a matter of safety, we reserve the right to make this decision unanimously.

14. Try to appoint one person in the group as the person in charge. In this way, we will have one permanent point of contact. For safety reasons, it is also important that the group stays together throughout the tour, and follows the guide's instructions.

15. On every tour, we will provide two beverages per visitor. Do not bring your own food or drink, as these may not be consumed on the premises.

16. The visitor cafe is not accessible to the public, only to those visiting the brewery. It is not possible to consume or buy other beverages.

General terms and conditions

Below you will find some practical tips to help you efficiently plan your visit to Liefmans brewery. Please read these thoroughly, so that our organization can ensure that you and your companions enjoy an unforgettable experience.

1. Bear in mind that you are visiting an industrial site with lots of stairs and steps, and floors that may be slippery. For this reason, access in the brewery is very difficult for wheelchair users, pushchairs and those with limited mobility. Tip: be sure to wear appropriate footwear. We therefore strongly advise you not to wear high heels.

2. You can report in at the black entrance gate at the end of the drive (Aalststraat 200, 9700 Oudenaarde) 15 minutes before your visit begins. Our guide will then open the gate for you. Please bring your confirmation mail with booking number.

3. Cars or buses may be parked in the car park on the right side of the drive.

4. Coaches should also park here. Buses may only allow passengers to disembark in the parking area provided. For safety reasons, passengers may not be dropped off at the gate.

5. Directions:

Coming from Ghent: Via N60 to the roundabout in Leupegem – take the third exit and, after the lights, keep left and follow Wijnendale – continue for approximately 2 km until you reach the Gabriëls petrol station and then turn left – the brewery can be found 100 m further on your right-hand side.

Coming from Brakel: Drive to the foot of Edelareberg hill – take a sharp right-hand bend and continue driving for a further 2 km until you reach the Gabriëls petrol station and then turn left – the brewery can be found 100 m further on your right-hand side.

Coming from Aalst: Drive until reaching the SPAR on the left – then take the next right turn – the brewery can be found 100m further on your right.

From Oudenaarde center: Those walking to the brewery from the town center can easily access the Liefmans site via the pedestrian bridge. We will be happy to open the gate by the river Scheldt for you. Please let us know when making your reservation.

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